Caring for Your Tree

Just before you collect your tree we cut one inch off the bottom to remove the sap that dried and sealed the base after it was felled just as you trim bottom of a cut flower.

For the first few days after you bring your tree into your heated home it will draw a lot of water as it re-hydrates.

It is important to check daily that the water level in your stand does not fall below the bottom of the tree stump otherwise it will seal itself up again within a few hours.

How long your tree retains its needles is directly related to how hot and dry your home is and how long it is exposed to that heat so if you are collecting your tree early put it in a bucket of water in the garden or shed until you are ready to decorate it. Mid December is the ideal time to bring in a needle retaining Nordman and one week before Christmas day for a traditional Norway spruce. Please avoid positioning it near a radiator or fire and turn off under floor heating underneath it.